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We can help your website in many ways:

•Web design & activation

•Analyzing your competition

•Search engine optimization

•Social media

•Website updates

•Website maintenance

•Activating website features

•Logos & branding

•Images & animations

•Domain names

•Registrar & web host referrals

•Other necessary services

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Little Mountain Web Design believes that small businesses are a critical part of the economy and have something important and unique to offer. One place to showcase those offerings is on the Internet.

Websites are a necessary component of any marketing strategy reinforcing and building  branding while giving stability and credibility to a business and a distinctive  presence in the marketplace.  

Unfortunately,  many small businesses fail to show off their niche and how special they are because their websites look very similar to their competitors. Just as each business has something different to offer, so should your website look different from your competitors. That's where Little Mountain Web Design can help you.

At Little Mountain Web Design, we specialize in working one-on-one with you to find out what is unique and special about your business or organization and its particular identity. We can also perform search engine optimization, SEO, to help your website rank its best on Internet search engines in order to be easily seen by  potential customers, volunteers, or donors. Another service we offer is developing logos and branding to appear on web pages, or for other uses such as brochures, letterhead and print media.

Little Mountain Web Design can also help businesses and organizations who already have a website. Besides helping you update your website and making it easier for  customers to find via search engine optimization, we can also assist you with maintaining it, creating customized images, animation, and setting up social media.

If you have a webmaster, we can be on call to maintain your website during those times when you could use an extra hand or while the webmaster is out of the office for an extended period of time. Naturally, we will work closely with you beforehand to ensure that we make any new activity flow seamlessly.

When it comes to creating a brand new website or updating an  existing one, let Little Mountain Web Design help you climb the Internet!      

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