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Little Mountain Web Design is based in the Omaha, Nebraska area. We provide website design, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, corporate branding, images, Internet advertising, consulting and other online marketing services locally, nationally and internationally.






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Challenge: Country Sliced Ham needed a new website and to improve its SEO rankings.


Solution: A design and content that reflected the feel of a fine dining establishment.


After researching the ham and bacon products (some of our research is more fun than others) we decided the taste and quality was of a fine restaurant and created a design to reflect this with styling for a restaurant website.


Challenge: A new priest wanted a new church website with bright, bold colors and a striking design.


Solution: A triptych-style design using the church’s stained glass windows.


Little Mountain Web Design took the time to understand the church and its needs for a new website, including color and styling. We created a custom design, using a special process to photograph and render the stained glass windows into easily recognizable and identifiable imagery to adherents of the particular faith. The triptych is a three-panel design with the patron saint on the left, Mary on the right and the website’s content in the center panel. We created special link buttons to further the look and feel of being in church and viewing the stained glass windows.


Future plans include translation work to create a trilingual website.


Challenge: Sarpy Habitat for Humanity needed help getting the word out about their ReStore, which sells donated items to the public. These items are then "upcycled" to residential or commercial spaces.


Solution: A one-page advertisement that appears on our local community websites.


Habitat for Humanity has a memorable logo. We chose the blues and greens from the logo to create a corporate-style advertisement to reinforce Habitat's ReStore brand.


Little Mountain Web Design enjoys working with many different types of clients in different industries and looks forward to working with you to create something special for you to help your business or organization compete and thrive online.

Challenge: Create an engineering website to evoke feelings in the user of a taking a ride on a sleek, modern passenger railway system.


Solution: A website that feels like it is always in motion.


By emphasizing the use of blue, the color for water, the website appears very fluid with its minimalistic text approach. Blue was also chosen because it signifies valor and corporation in many cultures, as well as stability, loyalty, integrity and trust.


Challenge: Create the beginnings for a law firm directory and make it stand out from all the other law firm directories and look truly local because it is run and developed locally.


Solution: A legal directory that is more appealing to the local eye with local imagery.


No stock photography was used. Instead, new, original photographs of the Douglas County Court House were taken with special permission on a guided tour. This resulted in a special unique angle shot.

Challenge: Create a community directory that expresses the essence of the city of Papillion, with an emphasis on the community's special characteristics that promotes business in the area.


Solution: A directory that displays the "Papillion" welcome sign with its prominent butterfly was chosen to depict a community that is friendly and inviting.


Because “papillon” is the French word for ”butterfly,” the listings menu features a number of monarch butterflies to highlight different areas of interest. The city often tells the story  at events of a French fur trader who exclaimed "Papillon!" when he came to this area.


The directory includes a community blog where we interview business owners and others about their companies, favorite things to do in Papillion and about the city.

Challenge:  Create a one-page advertisement to capture the owner's friendly and affable personality as reflected in his approach to work, while conveying his profession.


Solution: We found the makings of an Internet advertisment that reinforces these elements in the owner's business card.  We can create one-page advertisements, banner ads and websites using elements from your business cards  and literature to reinforce the brand of your company  


If you haven't established your brand, or your brand is weak, we can work with you to create or optimize it. Branding is critical to a company's image and marketing strategy and is important to reinforce throughout the marketing, sales and performance experience.

Challenge 1: Create a baby gallery for an obstetrician’s office that keeps the style of the original website.


Challenge 2: Help the office save time in processing paperwork.  


Solution 1: A custom-crafted online photo album that matches the original website design and is filled with plenty of happy results of the doctors’ work, babies.  Photographs of babies and young children were submitted by parents who wanted this service, formatted and posted online in the specially created album.  


Solution 2: A new and important feature was added so patients could download important documents to save office time. We converted forms to PDFs and posted them online. Having patients fill out forms and bring them in saves valuable time for the office staff.



Challenge 1: Create a website for city and community businesses that contains easily recognizable metropolitan Omaha features.


Challenge 2: Provide an additional advertising Internet presence for businesses in Omaha and the greater Omaha area.


Solution: A directory that shows off Omaha's healthy business environment. An original city skyline photograph with the famous Woodmen Tower created an immediately recognizable scene. Red brought contrast to the blues and grays of the city. This color signifies many things, including high energy, prosperity and, to Nebraskans, the Cornhuskers!

Challenge 1: Create a money-saving website to tell people where to find coupons, discounts and freebies.


Challenge 2: Coordinate this with a social media campaign that includes Twitter and a blog.


Solution 1: A minimalistic, two-tone green design reinforces the great feeling of saving money.


The website's simple design emphasizes the theme of economy and saving money. The dollar-sign logo with its two shades of green further reinforces this theme.


Solution 2: The Twitter account and the blog use the same colors and logo to further emphasize and reinforce branding and to promote uniformity.

Challenge: Create a one-page advertisement for a nonprofit organization devoted to helping boys and girls enjoy basketball and all it has to offer.


Solution: An advertisement describing a growing, on-the-move organization.

The client-supplied images emphasize the motion and movement of a fun activity and sport for children. Gray was chosen to contrast the bold black and orange logo design.


Note: Little Mountain Web Design recognizes the need and importance of nonprofit organizations in our daily lives.


Nonprofits help provide meaning, enrichment, empowerment and education, as well as support and a variety of other important things to our lives and others.


Challenge: Create a unique and original logo and website for a web design company that is memorable and emphasizes the purpose and philosophy of the business.


Solution: A friendly logo and website that gets away from those mundane stock photographs of blonde operators and blue-themed backgrounds.


The tree represents your organization. The little mountain underneath the tree that supports and nourishes it represents our company.


The slider images and purples reinforce the logo and feel of the mountains. A mix of cartoon and serious text reflects the company's friendly nature and its sincere work ethic.


Challenge: Create a directory where Springfield's special hometown feel encourages people to visit the city to shop and do business.


Solution: A directory that shows images of Springfield as the All-American small town.


After taking many pictures and enjoying many visits to Springfield we chose the flag waving in the air and special city banner to represent the city.


Your business, organization or city is different and special in some way, and the images on your website should reflect this by using original images when possible and appropriate.



Challenge: Create a one-page, affordable Internet advertisement that looks like a website. Include important information, rank well on search engines to help potential customers locate the restaurant and use an onine menu.


Solution: A one-page affordable Internet advertisement was created that gives the appearance of a standalone website.


To reinforce branding, elements of design were utilized from their menu and business cards.


The menu was posted online to help customers order by telephone and save time when ordering.

Our diverse clientele includes small businesses such as a doctor's office, a dance studio, a realtor, an independent insurance agent, a painter, a heating and cooling company, an engineering specialty firm, restaurants and retail businesses, as well as churches and nonprofits. We also work with mid-sized businesses and with the industrial and manufacturing sector.


We believe your website should be as unique and individual as you are to help you stand out from your competitors. What makes your business or organization different should be showcased and displayed online to connect you with the right potential customers.


Little Mountain Web Design focuses on each element of an effective website: code, content, text, imagery and branding. These, in turn, work toward helping your future customers find you, learn what you have to offer, become motivated to buy and connect with you by picking up the phone or sending email to connect with you to purchase, donate or join your organization.


Little Mountain Web Design also focuses on each aspect of an effective Internet presence: crafting your individual website, advertising your business or organization on specially selected websites and building your social media network. Combining and coordinating these aspects can have powerful effects on Web and business traffic and are important parts of Internet strategies and online marketing.

Challenge: Design a blog with a unique look to entertain, educate and connect people in the world of corporate blogging.


Solution: A blog site that combines an interesting design with a sense of serenity in order to promote hours of reading.


Social media was developed and added to work along with the blog. Social media is an important component of any Internet strategy.