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Images, Logos & Animations 


Every snowflake is different. Every business is different. By working with you to understand your company's unique identity, Little Mountain Web Design can craft customized images and animated objects to meet your special needs and give your customers a more authentic experience that resonates with them  and reinforces your brand. We can also help  you purchase images online for direct use or to be modified.


Have a corporate logo and identity? We can use it to create graphics that suit your brand. We can also edit and format your photographs for your website. When possible, we prefer to use photographs from your business so your online identity is aligned with your storefront. This way, when people enter your doors, they already have a connection with your store.


Don't already have a logo? We work with you to design a logo that will not only go on your website, but can be used on letterhead, business cards and marketing materials. Logos tell your story, create brand recognition and connect with your customers.


You don't see your business as a "cookie cutter" operation, so why should your website look like one? Let us provide you a look all your own with logos, images and animations custom-built for you.


Email or call us to discuss how to create, add, alter  and animate your images and logo at or 402.932.7243